Whitebeam-Sorbus Aria Lutescens


Whitebeam – Sorbus Aria Lutescens

Medium sized tree with silvery leaves turning more green over time. Clusters of creamy white flowers in May and orange red berries in Autumn. Ideal specimen tree in a medium sized garden.

Available in 10L pot, 7-8ft tall.

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Whitebeam-Sorbus Aria Lutescens

  • Medium sized deciduous tree and quite hardy.
  • Silvery leaves appear in Spring, these become more grey green through the Spring into Summer.
  • Leaves turn to yellow in the Autumn before dropping off.
  • Clusters of creamy white flowers appear in May.
  • These flowers are important nectar sources for polliantors.
  • After successful pollination, later in Autumn orange red berries appear.
  • Other Sorbus trees include Sorbus aucuparia which produce a red berry.
  • Whitebeam-Sorbus Aria Lutescens can reach heights of 8-12 metres, and are upright when young.
  • As they mature they develop a more spreading form and can spread 4-8 metres.
  • They thrive in full sun or partial shade and do well in all well drained soils.

Whitebeam-Sorbus Aria Lutescens

After care for your Tree.

Whitebeam – Sorbus Aria Lutescens are low maintenance trees but there are some important points to remember:

  1. If planted in dry weather, trees should be watered regularly to ensure growth.
  2. We would also recommend watering consistently and regularly throughout the first Summer after planting.
  3. Ideally, trees should be staked and secured with a Timber Stake and Tree Tie Combo to give them added protection from the wind.
  4. We recommend you fertilise your after planting with a nitrogen rich compound such as Chicken Maure Pellets.
  5. Pruning can be done to maintain a shape or size on the tree but remember to prune after the tree has flowered for the season.

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Tree Sizes

10ft, 7-8ft, 2-3ft Whips, 5-6ft, 8-10ft

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