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Thuja occidentalis ‘Smaragd’


Thuja occidentalis Smaragd

Slow Growing evergreen conifer, available in 2L pot at 60cms tall or as Root Balled plant at 150cms tall.

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Properties of Thuja occidentalis Smaragd Plants

Thuja occidentalis Smaragd also called Emerald Green is a slow growing evergreen, narrow, upright conifer that needs very little work to retain it’s natural pyramidal shape. It is an ideal plant for formal planting, as a specimen plant or for screening.

The fine branches of the Thuja are fine and glossy emerald green all year round. Growth rate is about 30cms per year, diameter of a mature plant is approx 2 metres.

These plants are available as a 150-175cm Root Ball plant in Winter months or as potted plants 40cms tall for year round planting.

How and when to plant Thuja occidentalis Smaragd

Root ball plants are best planted in the Bare Root Season from November through to March, whereas potted plants can be planted all year round.

When planting Thuja occidentalis Smaragd or even Laurel Hedging plants  as root ball plants, dig a hole approx 1.5 feet wide and 1.5 – 2 feet deep, wide and deep enough to accommodate the root ball system. Break up and till the soil really well, place the root balled plant in the hole and back fill the broken up, loose soil in around the plant. Do not remove the hessian net, as this keeps the root system of the plant in tact. Back fill in the soil and ensure the soil is compact and the plant is secure in the ground.

For the first few days after planting, regularly walk in the plant, compacting the soil around the plant to ensure it remains secure in the ground. You can learn more about Planting Potted Hedging plants in our step by step tutorial.

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2L Pot, 5ft RB

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