Red Dogwood Hedging


Red Dogwood Hedging – Cornus serica

Deciduous Hedging plants, flowering in Summer and exposing red branches in Winter months. 2-3ft Red Plants available as bare root plants from November to April.

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Properties of Red Dogwood Hedging Plants

Hardy hedge that holds fiery colour all year round. Flowers creamy white flowers in Spring, leaves fall off in Autumn to leave the brightly coloured stems for Winter. It is a wonderful hedge to encourage wildlife and birds into the garden. Resilient plant that grows in normal soil and slow in lightly damp sites. Sold as bareroot plants in Winter months. Great alternative flowering hedging to Green Privet.

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Type: Fast Growing
Soil: Any well draining soil, tolerates wet soil.
Status: Hardy in cold weather.
Position: Full sun, shade, tolerates shade
Flowering: White berries and yellow stems in Winter.

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