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REAP Scheme Hedging Plants – Pack of 100


REAP Scheme Hedging Plants – Pack of 100

Plants can be mixed to your spec, unless otherwise stated will contain 70 whitethorn, 6 Crab, 6 Hazel, 6 Dog Rose, 6 Blackthorn and & 6 Bird Cherry. This pack will cover 16 metres, planted 6 per metre in a staggered double Row. Call us today on 086 3205310 to discuss your preferred mix. Plants are 2-3ft tall.

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REAP Scheme Hedging Plants

REAP (Results Based Environment Agri Pilot) Scheme Hedging plants are chosen from a list on 9 approved species, intended to improve the biodiversity and environment on Irish Farms.

The REAP project is a two year project that will reward farmers for committed environmental effort, linking level of payments to the quality of outcomes delivered. Essentially, payments are linked to the nature quality of your farm. The scheme covers many aspects of farming for nature including the planting of trees and hedgerows and their management.

Planting flowering hedgerows means that bees can feed Ona range of different flowers from March right through to October, taller vegetation will benefit insects such as butterflies and grasshopper and fruiting trees will provide food sources to birds such as yellow hammers and skylarks. Planting hedges will also provide important corridors for birds, insects and mammals to move safely in the habitat and indeed hedgerows are very effective at capturing carbon. The scheme is recommending hedgerows be cut on three year cycle to amplify the fruiting load.

Some of the benefits of planting hedges include:

  • Soil Protections
  • Reduce pollution
  • Flood Control
  • Crop Protection
  • Shelter & Shade for animals
  • Wood Fuel
  • Pest Control
  • Wildlife & Pollinators

When to Plant Hedgrows for the REAP Scheme

Between November and March plant a double staggered row with 6 plants (2 year old whips) per metre using a mix of 6 species from the approved species list. No one species should make up more than 70%.

1 plant, every 50 metres, should be retained as a tree and identified with a coloured tag or tree guard.

Approved Species List

Our pack of 100 plants includes 70 Whitethorn Hedging plants, and 6 each of the following species, Crab, Hazel, Dog Rose, Blackthorn, and Bird Cherry. (Quantities can vary depending on stock availability)

We stock all varieties of hedging from the approved list and would be more than happy to help you select which varieties and quantities that will work for your planting needs and area planted.

More information about the REAP scheme can be found on Gov.ie or Teagasc.

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