Pyrus Chanticleer Pear Tree


Pyrus Chanticleer Pear Tree

Available as a 8-9ft Bare root Trees, available November through to April.

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Properties of Pyrus Chanticleer Pear Tree

Pyrus chanticleer pear trees make a lovely addition to gardens or built up areas. It is a low maintenance beautiful tree that is hardy even in cold weather. It’s natural upright pyramidal shape makes it an eye catching specimen tree in any area.

White flowers appear in Spring making it a friend to the bees. Small dark fruits follow later in the year. These fruits are inedible and stay on the tree well into Winter. The leaves of the Pyrus Chanticleer tree also remain in the tree well into Winter. The leaves are dark green and offer great Autumn colour as leaves turn to purplish red.

In the same way that a Mountain Ash tree is not planted for it’s fruiting properties, Pyrus chanticleer pear trees are not planted for it’s fruiting properties, it is planted for it’s beautiful flowers and autumnal colour. Plant in a sheltered spot for best growth results.

Trees are available as 6-7ft potted tree. You can view our Planting a Potted Tree Video Tutorial.

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