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Oak Tree – Querces petraea

Deciduous Broadleaf Tree

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Features of an Oak Tree

Oak trees are considered The national tree of Ireland. Oak trees are Deciduous broadleaf tree with dark green and lobed leaves.

An Oak tree is an excellent addition to any garden as it supports over 300 types of insects and wildlife. Flowers develop into large shiny green acorns, before turning to brown before they fall. Oak trees can be planted as a stand alone feature tree or planted through Green Beech hedging to add impact and volume to hedges.

Oak trees Prefer a well drained soil and will grow well in full sun or partial shade.

Soil: Any well drained soil.
Status: Hardy in cold weather.
Position: Full sun, partial shade.
Flowering: Autumn fruits.

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Tree Sizes

2-3ft Whips, 5-6ft Light, 8-10ft Std

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