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Oak Trees


Oak Tree – Querces petraea

Deciduous Broadleaf Tree

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Properties of an Oak Tree

  • They are the national tree of Ireland And considered a symbol of strength, wisdom and endurance.
  • They are a deciduous broadleaf tree and Leaves are dark green and lobed in shape with Leaves turning brown before dropping off in Autumn and Winter.
  • The more mature they get, they will produce Acorns in Autumn months.
  • They are moderately growing, they can grow between 1-3ft an a year.
  • The first 10/15 years are the fastest growing period and Overall, they can grow between 60-100ft tall.
  • They will grow will in full sun or partial shade in a well drained soil.
  • They are hardy in cold weather.
  • An oak tree can potentially support over 500 lifeforms.
  • They can be planted as a stand alone focal tree or through a hedge to add impact and volume.
  • Here in Cullen Nurseries, we planted three in our garden to mark the birth of each of our Sons.

Benefits of Oak trees to Biodiversity & Ecosystems

Planting any tree is a fantastic way of helping the environment and encouraging biodiversity in your garden. A single oak tree can provide food and shelter for over 500 life forms, from birds, bees, butterflies and mammals, through to different species of fungi, mosses, lichens and insects. An Oak tree is considered a symbol of strength, endurance and wisdom and provides so much to any garden or setting.

How & When to Plant an Oak Tree

  • Best planted in the Bare Root Season, typically between November and late March.
  • We grow our Oak Trees here in our native Nursery.
  • When planting bare root plants, it is best to break up the soil really well and loose.
  • Dig the hole and place the tree with the roots exposed in the hole.
  • Be careful not to damage the Roots.
  • Place the tree in the hole up to the collar of the tree.
  • Shovel back in the loosed soil and firm the plant in place by walking in the plant.
  • A good guide to follow is to have the soil loose enough for the water to get in, but not loose enough for the air to get in.
  • To view a video of how to plant a bare root plant, Click here

After care for your Oak Tree.

If planted in dry weather, trees should be watered regularly to ensure growth. Ideally, trees should be staked and secured with a super soft tree tie to give them added protection from the wind.

Additional information

Tree Sizes

7-8ft, 2-3ft Whips, 5-6ft Light

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