Nellie Stevens Holly Tree


Nellie Stevens Holly Tree

Plants are available in Bare Root Season November to April in a Rootball, 4-5 feet tall.


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Properties of Nellie Stevens Holly Tree

Nellie Stevens Holly Tree are an ideal for gardeners looking for a an easy to grow Holly. They are in fact fast growing compared to Ilex Aquifolium

Densely packed branches are packed with plentiful red berries in Autumn months. They are also of the heaviest berry bearing Holly plants.

These dense branches provide cover for birds all year round, small white flowers in Summer are popular with pollinators and red Autumn berries are a great food source.

Berries are not suitable for humans and can be dangerous if ingested. 

Nellie Stevens Plants are evergreen with spiny leaves. They naturally take a pyramid form and this can be further pruned in spring before new growth appears.

They are adaptable plants and will grow will in partial shade or full sun. They don’t like cold & windy areas of the garden.

They thrive in poor soil and are resistant to a host of pests and conditions. They are also resistant to Deers and Rabbits.

As they mature they develop a tolerance of drought conditions.

Nellie Stevens Holly Trees can reach heights of 25 feet. 

Our Nellie Stevens plants are available in a Root Ball 4-5ft tall. Rootball plants should be planted with the Hessian Net on the plant.

This net is biodegradable and composts down over time.

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4-5ft RB

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