Native Irish Trees Bundle (includes 5 species, Stakes & Ties)


Bundle of 5 Native Irish Trees

5 Native tree species, supplied with stakes & ties. Trees are 7-8ft tall.

Sold as bareroot plants, available from November.

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Native Irish Trees – Bundle of 5 Species

Planting a mix of Native Irish Trees and Hedging plants is a great way to add value to your garden and home. Native Species of plants are key to improving an areas biodiversity and protect ecosystems. Our Native Tree Bundle includes a mix of Silver BirchMountain AshOak, Crab Apple Alder Trees. Bundles are supplied with 5ft stakes and supersoft tree ties to secure trees after planting.

Some of the benefits of native trees include:

  • Soil Protections
  • Reduce pollution
  • Flood Control
  • Crop Protection
  • Shelter & Shade for animals
  • Wood Fuel
  • Pest Control
  • Food Source for Wildlife & Pollinators

You can learn more about Planting trees by watching our How to Plant a Tree tutorial.



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