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Malus Royalty Crab Apple Trees


Malus Royalty Crab Apple Tree

Potted tree, 6-7ft tall, dark purple leaves, dark crimson flowers in Summer give way to dark red fruits.

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Malus Royalty Crab Apple Trees

Malus Royalty are small deciduous upright tree with glossy dark purple leaves that fade to a robust red in Autumn. This small garden tree also produces large purple crimson flowers in Spring, followed by dark red fruits in Autumn. This Malus is an ideal small garden reaching a height of about 4 metres. The fruits are non-edible because of their bitter taste but are suited to jam making. When ripe, the apples fall from the trees and make a great food source for ground mammals.

How to Plant a Tree

Planting any tree takes time, effort and after care. You can read our How To plant a tree guide or alternatively you can Watch our step by step Video of how to plant your tree. Securing your newly planted tree with a timber stake and Supersoft Tree Ties is also important to secure the tree against wind and give your tree the best possible start.

Please be mindful, as with all plants and living things, trees need water especially in the few months immediately after planting. Watering should be carried out early morning or late in the evening and consistently in drier Summer months to give your trees and plants the best possible start.


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