Malus Red Obelisk Crab Apple Trees


Malus Red Obelisk Crab Apple Tree

7-8ft tall, bronze purple leaves that become dark green over time, pretty pink flowers in Summer give way to dark red Autumn fruits.

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Malus Red Obelisk Crab Apple Trees

Malus Red Obelisk are a compact deciduous upright tree by nature. This small garden tree makes an ideal colourful addition in a more compact garden space. Producing pretty pink flowers in Spring followed by deep red fruit in Autumn, the leaves are also striking in colour. Leaves start the growing cycle as a purple bronze colour and turn to dark green later on in the year.

Like the Malus Royalty, Malus Red Obelisk maintains a small compact size of approx 4 metres.

How to Plant a Tree

You can find lots of useful information on how to plant and care for your trees in our Native Planting Guide guide or for a more comprehensive step by step guide, you can click through to watch our Video Tutorial, showing you exactly how to plant a tree, including how to stake your tree. We would always recommend placing a stake and tie on your tree to secure them against wind or wind rock.

Please be mindful, as with all plants and living things, trees need water especially in the few months immediately after planting. Watering should be carried out early morning or late in the evening and consistently in drier Summer months to give your trees and plants the best possible start.


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