Magnolia Tree – Heaven Scent


Magnolia Tree – ‘Heavenly Scent’

Small Narrow tree with striking flowers, petals are pale pink with a cerise stripe on the back.

Available in 10L pot, 7-8ft tall.

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Magnolia Tree – Heaven Scent

  • These trees are Small and rather narrow in size.
  • They are deciduous and rather hardy.
  • It is a heavily scented tree with dark green leaves.
  • Cup shaped flowers are produced in April
  • The flowers have pale pink petals, flushed with a deeper pink towards the base and a cerise pink stripe on the back of the petal.
  • They are ideal for sheltered urban gardens.
  • They have an average growing rate and reach height of approx 4-6 metres.
  • Other trees that produce striking pink flowers include Prunus Royal Burgundy, Prunus Autumnalis Rosea, or indeed the Prunus Nigra

How to Plant Magnolia Tree

After care for your Tree.

Magnolia are low maintenance trees but there are some important points to remember:

  1. If planted in dry weather, trees should be watered regularly to ensure growth.
  2. We would also recommend watering consistently and regularly throughout the first Summer after planting.
  3. Ideally, trees should be staked and secured with a Timber Stake and Tree Tie Combo to give them added protection from the wind.
  4. We recommend you fertilise the Magnolia Tree after planting with a nitrogen rich compound such as Chicken Maure Pellets.
  5. Pruning can be done to maintain a shape or size on the tree but remember to prune after the tree has flowered for the season.

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Tree Sizes

10ft, 7-8ft, 2-3ft Whips, 5-6ft, 8-10ft

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