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Tilia cordata
Deciduous Tree

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Lime trees are Deciduous trees with pale grey brown bark. The Leaves of Lime trees are dark green heart shaped that turn to yellow in Autumn. White flowers appear on Lime trees in the Summer. The lime tree is an Ideal addition to any garden, and are often planted along avenues or along driveways due to the shape of the head and the presence of the flowers. Planting lime trees in your garden is a great way to encourages wildlife into the garden. The flowers on the Lime trees are a source of food for honey bees.
Lime trees are Sold as bareroot trees in Winter months.
Typical attributes and characteristics of Lime trees include:
Soil: Lime trees like Any well drained soil.
Status: Lime trees are Hardy and will do well even in cold weather.
Position: Lime trees prefer to be planted in Full sun or partial shade.
Flowering: Lime trees will produce White-yellow flowers in spring.

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2-3ft Whips, 5-6ft Light, 8-10ft Std

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