Kanzan Cherry Blossom Tree


Kanzan Cherry Blossom Tree

Medium sized deciduous tree Double pink flowers on serrated leaves.

Available potted all year round or as bare root trees from November through to April.

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‘Kanzan’ Cherry Blossom Tree

  • Known as the Japanese Flowering Cherry Tree.
  • They produce double blossom flowers which are short lived.
  • Planted as focal trees in gardens and or along avenues in public spaces.
  • They are a medium sized deciduous tree with a lovely vase shaped crown.
  • Kanzan Cherry Blossom Leaves are serrated and change colour all year round.
  • Leaves emerge reddish copper in Spring, turn glossy dark green in Summer and fade to
  • They are moderately fast growing; they can grow between 1-2 ft per year.
  • Overall, they can grow between 30-40 feet tall.
  • They will grow will in full sun or partial shade in a well-drained soil, sand or clay soil.
  • They are hardy in cold weather.
  • Along with Kanzan Cherry Blossom Trees there are many different varieties including Prunus Avium, Prunus Royal Burgundy, Prunus Shirotae, Prunus Autumnalis Rosea, Prunus Nigra all with different colour flowers, leaves and barks.
  • Choosing a variety often depends on personal preference and the space available.

How to Plant Kanzan Cherry Blossom Tree

  • Cherry blossom trees can be planted from pots all year round or as bare root plants from November to March.
  • You can learn how to choose between bare root or potted plants in our Resources section or by clicking Here.
  • We grow our Native Cherry trees here in our native Nursery.
  • When planting bare root plants, it is best to break up the soil really well and loose.
  • Dig the hole and place the tree with the roots exposed in the hole.
  • Be careful not to damage the Roots.
  • Place the tree in the hole up to the collar of the tree.
  • Shovel back in the loosed soil and firm the plant in place by walking in the plant.
  • A good guide to follow is to have the soil loose enough for the water to get in, but not loose enough for the air to get in.
  • You can learn to Plant a Cherry Blossom Tree by following our tutorial.

After care for your Kanzan Cherry Blossom Tree.

Kanzan Cherry tree are low maintenance but there are some important points to remember:

  1. If planted in dry weather, trees should be watered regularly to ensure growth.
  2. We would also recommend watering consistently and regularly throughout the first Summer after planting.
  3. Ideally, trees should be staked and secured with a Timber Stake and Tree Tie Combo to give them added protection from the wind.
  4. We recommend you fertilise the Kanzan Cherry Blossom Tree in the second year after planting. We recommend a nitrogen rich compound such as Chicken Maure Pellets.
  5. Pruning can be done to maintain a shape or size on the tree but remember to prune after the tree has flowered for the season.

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Tree Sizes

10ft, 7-8ft, 2-3ft Whips, 5-6ft, 8-10ft

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