Jacquemontii Birch Trees


Jacquemontii Birch Trees

Green leaves on a striking white papery stem, leaves turning yellow in Autumn and catkins in Spring.

Available as bare root trees from November to March.

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Jacquemontii Birch Trees

Jacquemontii Birch Trees are a popular choice of trees for Irish Gardens. Jacquemontii birch trees, also known as the White Stem birch or Himalayan birch are the striking trees with the white papery bark. Stems begin life a grey colour with white flecks that turn more white as the tree matures. Birch trees are popular choices for planting in common and communal areas such as parks and residential areas.

They can be pruned to maintain a nice crown and are often planted in clusters for effect as they maintain that lovely white bark all year round. Trees can grow up to 8m over a 20 year span.

Green leaves turn to buttery yellow in Autumn time before dropping off. Catkins appear in Spring before the tree comes into leaf.

How to Plant Jacquemontii Trees 

You can find lots of useful information on how to plant and care for your trees in our Native Planting Guide guide or for a more comprehensive step by step guide, you can click through to watch our Video Tutorial, showing you exactly how to plant a tree, including how to stake your tree. We would always recommend placing a stake and tie on your tree to secure them against wind or wind rock.

All plants, especially those planted during the late Spring or Summer months will need consistent regular watering. Remember, Watering should be carried out early morning or late in the evening and is so important to give your trees and hedging the best possible start as they root into their new home.


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10-12ft, 8-9ft, 5-6ft

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