Hornbeam Hedging Plants


Hornbeam Hedging Plants – Carpinus betulus

Deciduous Hedging plants, suitable for damper soils, with knotty gray bark.


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Properties of Hornbeam hedging Plants

Hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) is a semi evergreen hedging plant in that it loses its colour over the Winter months but does not necessarily lose all its leaf. The plant retains some of the younger foilage which in turn gets pushed off the stems as new Spring growth comes along.

Hornbeam hedging is very similar in appearance to Green Beech Hedging Plants, both have a gray bark and ribbed texture to the leaf.

Hornbeam however tends to be a knottier plant and is best suited to a damper area, making it a good alternative to Beech in these damp areas. It is best to trim an established Hornbeam hedge twice a year, as this encourages the hedge to retain more foilage over the Winter months.

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Type: Fast Growing
Soil: Any well-draining soil, tolerates wet soil better than Beech..
Status: Hardy in cold weather, loses colour and leaf in Winter
Position: Full sun, shade, tolerates shade

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