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Hazel Hedging Plants – Corylus avellana


Hazel Hedging Plants – Corylus avellana

Deciduous hedging plants, ideal for native hedging or to be grown as a small bushy tree that produces hazelnuts as it matures. Available as 2-3ft whips or as 5ft Bush

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 Hazel Hedging Plants – Corylus avellana.

Hazel Hedging plants – Corylus avellana are a native hedging plant suitable for mixing into native hedges. It has a smooth grey brown bark and leaves are round or oval shaped, pointed at the tip. The leaves turn to yellow in Autumn before falling off. Flowers (catkins) appear in February and hang in clusters. Hazelnuts appear on more mature plants. Hazel Hedging plants grow between 40 – 60 cms per year. It is not evergreen and will lose it’s foilage in Winter months. They are naturally bushy be nature and make an ideal plant for filling into gaps in existing native hedgerows. It is Sold as bareroot plants in Winter months and can also be used as hedging mixed into native hedging including Spindle, Whitethorn Hedging.

Hazel Hedging plants can also be grown into small trees and are by nature a bushy plant.

You can view our Native Nursery where we grow our Hedging Here.

Soil: Any well drained soil.
Status: Hardy in cold weather.
Position: Full sun, partial shade.
Flowering: Catkins in February.

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Tree Sizes

2-3ft Whips, 5-6ft

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