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Hawthorn Hedge Plants


Hawthorn Hedge Plants

Fast growing, hardy, Thorny hedging plants with white Summer flowers and red Autumn berries.

Available November to April as 2ft plants.

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Properties of Hawthorn Hedge Plants

Hawthorn Hedge plants, commonly known as Whitethorn Hedge plants are a common sight in Farms around Ireland.

Planted for their fast growing properties along with their hardy nature makes them a first choice in this setting.

They are often mixed with other flowering Native hedge plants.

Hawthorn plants are thorny making them a deterrent for Livestock and this is why they are the number one choice for stock-proofing hedges.

White flowers in May followed but bright red berries later in Autumn makes them a valuable food source in the ecosystem.

Fibrous spreading roots also makes them ideal for improving soil health and condition.

Plants are usually planted in a staggered double row with 6 plants per metre or in a single row, 3 plants per metre.

Hawthorn are on the approved list of species for the REAP scheme and the Newly launched Green Acres Scheme.

You can learn how to plant hawthorn slips via our video tutorial. 


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