Flowering Cherry Blossom Tree Bundle, 5 Species, Stakes & Ties


Bundle of 5 Flowering Cherry Blossom Trees.

5 Cherry Blossom Tree Species, Kanzan, Tai Haku, Kiku Shidare, Autumnalis Rosea & Wild Cherry supplied with stakes & ties. Trees are 7-8ft tall, Kiku Shidare is approix 6ft before Weeping.

Sold as bareroot trees, available from November through to April, Use Shipping option Ploughing Shipping for Delivery.

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Flowering Cherry Blossom Tree Bundle

Bring the enchanting beauty of cherry blossoms to your garden with our handpicked selection of five exquisite cherry blossom tree varieties. This bundle includes the following stunning species:

1. Prunus Kanzan (Kanzan Cherry): Delight in the mesmerizing double-pink blossoms of the Kanzan Cherry, which paint your garden with a profusion of vivid, fluffy blooms each spring, creating a breathtaking spectacle.

2. Prunus Tai Haku (Great White Cherry): The Tai Haku Cherry is a vision of purity, boasting large, snow-white blossoms that contrast beautifully against its dark branches, making it a timeless centerpiece in your garden.

3. Prunus Kiku Shidare (Cheal’s Weeping Cherry): Elevate your garden’s charm with the graceful, cascading branches of the Kiku Shidare Cherry, adorned with elegant pink blossoms that drape like nature’s own curtains.

4. Prunus Autumnalis Rosea (Winter-Flowering Cherry): Enjoy the surprise of delicate pink blooms in the midst of winter with the Autumnalis Rosea Cherry, adding a touch of magic to your garden even when the days are cold.

5. Prunus Avium (Wild Cherry): The Prunus Avium, or Wild Cherry, offers a rustic charm with its fragrant white blossoms that signal the arrival of spring and provide a feast for pollinators.

Our Flowering Cherry Blossom Tree Bundle is carefully curated to ensure a constant display of seasonal beauty in your garden. From the iconic pink blooms of spring to the unexpected winter blossoms, these cherry trees will captivate your senses year-round.

Whether you’re creating a serene garden retreat or enhancing your outdoor space, our Cherry Blossom Tree Bundle is the perfect choice to infuse elegance, grace, and natural wonder into your landscape. Learn more about our selection in our Guide to Flowering Cherry Blossom Trees and Click to Learn about Planting Flowering Cherry Blossom Trees.



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