Elaeagnus ebbingei Plants


Elaeagnus ebbingei Plants

Leathery green silvery evergreen plants of a fast growing nature available as1L Potted plants approx 50-60cms in height.

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Properties of Elaeagnus ebbingei plants

  • Elaeagnus ebbingei plants are a vigorous, hardy evergreen plant.
  • They are a fast growing colorful hedge with leathery green leaves and silver underside.
  • They are adaptable in that they grow well inland or along the coast.
  • They tolerate salt air and strong winds, making them in ideal coastal hedge and also throve well along the water’s edge.
  • They are also adaptable in that they grow in full sunshine or shaded areas and in most soils but won’t do well in a waterlogged damp area.
  • They are by nature a small to medium hedge and grow to a height of about 4 meters, preferring to be well maintained at this height.
  • They can spread to 4 meters wide also if left unpruned and can potentially grow 30 – 45 cms in a year.
  • Annual pruning of an established hedge encourages bushiness and density in the hedge.
  • This spreading nature, combined with Autumn flowers also makes them ideal as a stand alone shrub in the garden, adding depth and colour in Winter months.
  • As the plant matures, they will produce edible berries in Spring.
  • They are an ideal option for a garden hedge as a mature hedge offers security, shelter, privacy and noise reduction while maintaining a glossy green & silver Winter appearance.
  • Elaeagnus ebbingei are hardy to -15C but will require protection from wind in their first year.
  • Laurel Hedging , Red Robin Hedging and  Portuguese Laurel are other examples of evergreen hedging.



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