Prunus Cherry Blossom Tree


Prunus Autumnalis Rosea Cherry Blossom Tree

10L Potted tree, 7-8 ft tall, Winter flowering cherry tree, small bell shaped soft pink flowers in Winter months.

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Prunus Autumnalis Cherry Blossom Tree

Prunus Autumnalis Rosea Cherry Blossom tree is an very pretty small cherry blossom tree that flowers in late Autumn and through the Winter. Bell Shaped soft pink flowers appear in late Autumn and last through the Winter months when the stems are bare. Spring seems a new flush of green leaves that turn vibrant red in Autumn. Maintaining a small size, it is a spreading tree and ideal for a more compact garden. It reaches about 4 metres in height and can spread to 4 metres wide also.

How to Plant a Flowering Cherry Tree

 The Cullen Nurseries Native Planting Guide will provide you with a valuable resource and instructions on how to plant your flowering cherry blossom tree, For a more visual guide, you can to watch our Video Tutorial, detailing planting and staking of the tree. A timber stake and tie on your tree is essential to secure the tree against wind or wind rock.

All plants, especially those planted during the late Spring or Summer months will need consistent regular watering, preferably in early morning or late evening times, especially over the drier Summer months. .


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