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Blackthorn Hedge Plants


Blackthorn Hedge Plants

Sold in bareroot season from November to April. Plants are 2-3ft tall.

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Blackthorn Hedge Plants

Blackthorn hedge plants are similar to Whitethorn hedging in that it is a Fast-growing traditional thorny hedging ideal for farms as is robust and stock proof. It also encourages wildlife and birds and is suitable for most soil types including coastal areas. These plants are One of the approved species in the newly launched REAP scheme and Green Acres schemes for planting on farms to improve ecosystems and biodiversity.

Plants can be mixed into Native hedgerows to increase flowering species, provide food and shelter to animals, improve soil quality and provide dense stockproofing in fields.

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Type: Fast Growing
Soil: Any well drained soil.
Status: Hardy in cold weather.
Position: Sun or light shade
Flowering: Blossom in spring and sloes in Autumn.

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