Acer Rubrum Trees


Acer Rubrum Trees

Deciduous tree with green leaves in Summer turning crimson red in Autumn months. Trees are available as bare root trees, 9ft tall.

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Acer Rubrum Trees

Acer Rubrum are a popular garden tree but more suited to a larger garden or communal space. Identifiable in Autum due to their striking and vibrant bright crimson foilage, and In Summer with their dark green leaves. Leaves are 3 lobed with a whitish underside in Summer, and branches are erect therefore forming a rounded head.

Rubrum trees tend to grow large so will need space. Like the Acer Drummondii Trees Rubrum are very hardy and grow well in full sun or partial shade. Can be pruned annually to maintain them in a medium garden.

You can learn more by viewing How To Plant a Tree Video Tutorial


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