Cullen Nurseries feature in Irish Country Living – IFJ

1st Irish Country Living Cover of 2021

Robert and Caitriona along with the Cullen boys were delighted to welcome ICL Editor Amii McKeever and Photography Editor Philip Doyle into the Nursery on a sunny Thursday in September 2020.

The Cullens feature in the Irish Country Living telling their story of how they make the family farm work. Robert and Caitriona are combining Horticulture and Agriculture to earn a living to support their young family.

Robert is a horticulturist by trade and Caitriona a biochemist who spent ten years in the Food Sector as a Quality Assurance Manager. Similar to cutting back Whitethorn hedging, cutting back on Caitriona’s career, combined with a leap of faith and a desire to help grow the family business saw Caitriona leave her position in 2019 to join forces with Robert to enable the expansion of Cullen Nurseries.

You can catch up and Read the interview Here.