Flowering Cherry Blossom Trees

A Guide to Flowering Cherry Blossom Trees

Flowering Cherry blossom trees

Flowering Cherry Blossom trees are known for their beautiful cherry blossoms and graceful forms, are a captivating addition to any garden. In this guide tailored to Ireland’s climate, we will explore popular flowering cherry blossom tree species such as



3. Autumnalis Rosea

4. Kiku Shidare

We’ll provide essential information on their growth patterns, flowering habits, preferred conditions, and best practices for planting and care.

Discover the specific months when these pink & white cherry blossom trees bloom and how to incorporate their beauty into your garden.

Flowering Cherry Blossom trees can add so much beauty to the garden all year round

1.Kanzan Cherry Blossom Tree

Kanzan, also known as the Japanese Flowering Cherry, is a true spectacle in any garden. Its bark, smooth with a coppery sheen, adds an elegant touch even when the cherry blossoms are not in full bloom. The leaves are oval-shaped, with serrated edges, providing a lush green canopy during the growing season.

Flowering Period: Kanzan cherry bursts into life with an explosion of double pink cherry blossoms in late April to early May, creating a breathtaking display that lasts for about two weeks. During this time, the tree is blanketed in exquisite pink cherry blossoms, making it a sight to behold.

2. Prunus Avium Plena

Prunus avium plena showcases a striking contrast between its snowy white cherry blossoms and smooth reddish brown bark. The leaves are oval and serrated, providing a rich green backdrop to the radiant blooms.

Flowering Period: Plena Cherry delights garden enthusiasts in late April to early May, coinciding with the arrival of spring in Ireland. This flowering cherry blossom tree graces the landscape with large, pure white cherry blossoms that stand out on elegant branches

3. Autumnalis Rosea Cherry – Winter Flowering Cherry Tree

Autumnalis Rosea, as the name suggests, offers a unique charm by blooming in two seasons. Its bark has an appealing reddish-brown hue, adding year-round interest. The leaves are ovate, with finely serrated edges, contributing to the tree’s graceful appearance.

Flowering Period: This captivating cherry tree blooms intermittently from late autumn through winter and into early spring. You can expect delicate pale pink cherry blossoms to appear from November to March, creating a delightful contrast to the winter landscape.

4. Kiku Shidare Zakura Cherry – Cheal’s Weeping

Kiku Shidare, also known as the Weeping Kiku Cherry, boasts a unique weeping form with cascades of double pink cherry blossoms that resemble elegant fountains. Its bark is dark and fissured, providing a visually appealing backdrop for the delicate foliage.

Flowering Period: The Kiku Shidare Cherry offers its captivating display in late April to early May, aligning with the peak of the Irish spring. The weeping branches become adorned with exquisite pink cherry blossoms during this period.

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Planting Flowering Cherry Blossom Trees

Planting flowering cherry blossom trees, whether bare root or potted, requires thoughtful consideration and precision:

  1. Location Matters: Select a well-drained site that receives ample full sun or partial shade.
  2. Digging the Perfect Hole: Prepare a planting hole that is wide and shallow, ensuring it accommodates the root ball or root spread.
  3. Soil Enrichment: Enhance the soil with organic matter, promoting both drainage and fertility.
  4. Planting Depth: Place the tree at the same depth it was previously planted, ensuring that the root flare rests at ground level or slightly above.
  5. Backfilling with Care: Gently backfill the hole, carefully firming the soil around the roots.
  6. Watering Adequately: Immediately after planting, provide a thorough watering to settle the soil.

Watering Requirements

In the unique climate of Ireland, characterized by mild, damp winters and moderate summers, tailored watering practices are essential for flourishing flowering cherry trees:

Establishing Period (First Year): During the initial year following planting, focus on consistent moisture to foster a robust root system. Deep watering once or twice a week, ensuring even soil moisture, is critical. Keep a vigilant eye on soil moisture levels and adjust watering frequency based on local rainfall and temperature fluctuations.

Summer Watering: Summer months in Ireland can witness less frequent rainfall, creating conditions for drought stress. Vigilantly monitor your trees for signs such as wilting or drooping leaves. During these drier periods, deep watering is essential. Ensure the water reaches the tree’s root zone by applying it slowly at the base. Allow the water to penetrate deeply into the soil.

Embrace Mulching: Enhance moisture retention and suppress weed growth by applying a 2-4 inch layer of organic mulch around the base of the tree. Mulch also regulates soil temperature and enriches the soil as it decomposes. Maintain a gap of a few inches between the mulch and the trunk to prevent rot.

Rainwater Harvesting: Consider eco-friendly rainwater harvesting techniques, such as installing rain barrels or directing roof runoff, to supplement your watering needs. Rainwater, devoid of chemicals, provides optimal hydration for your flowering cherry trees while aligning with sustainable practices.


Flowering cherry blossom trees gift us with the splendor of nature, enriching our Irish gardens with their resplendent blossoms and graceful presence. Through the careful selection of species, a deep understanding of their growth patterns, and the precise implementation of planting and watering techniques, you can cultivate these arboreal wonders to thrive magnificently within the Irish climate.

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